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Vision & Mission

"It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill."

- Wilbur Wright

First in Education (FIE) is a non-profit with a vision to alleviate poverty by mitigating the skills gap and creating economic opportunities for high school students.


Our mission is to help students cultivate the skills needed for the workforce of the future and discover career paths that provide financial security and job stability. We do this by by advocating for internships and apprenticeships in a variety of growing industries and trades. By creating awareness and providing funding for ancillary costs of these programs, FIE is;

Decreasing student debt by connecting students to workforce opportunities that provide financial support for education and hands-on job training.

Reducing high school dropout rates by providing a clear career path with more immediate financial stability.

Supporting economic growth by providing a pipeline of skilled workers to meet
the demands of a growing and evolving workforce.

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